No. 288.
Mr. Phelps to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

Sir: Owing to departure on the day following the presentation of my credential letters to the President of Peru, I have been forced to write the report at sea and without number.

In accordance with your telegraphic instruction I received a visit from the minister of foreign affairs of Peru, as did each other chief of a legation authorized to accept the amende, on the 23d instant, in which he said he had come as an act of courtesy and to express the desire of the Government to renew former diplomatic relations precisely as if nothing had occurred to interrupt them, and that it was the wish of the President that they might be cordial. Subsequently an official letter informed me of the change in the cabinet. The next morning Mr. Gibbs arrived, and, as arranged, he accompanied me to the reception for the presentation of my credentials, which was a public one and quite ceremonious. The German minister subsequently presented his telegraphic authority to recognize the Government, the more formal reception to take place when his letters arrive. Mr. Pinto, minister from Salvador and dean of the corps, also recognized the Government the same day.

I presented Mr. Gibbs as minister to Bolivia, temporarily placed in charge of the legation in Lima as well, during my absence upon urgent business.

I have, &c.,