No. 316.
Mr. Schuyler to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

No. 8.]

Sir: I received a few days ago a circular of the minister of the interior, dated January 23, 1883, addressed to the provincial authorities of the Kingdom and to the bureau of health of Piraeus, with reference to the importation of cattle from various eastern countries. The second paragraph, however, of the circular renewed the prohibition against the importation of hams, sausages, and lard coming from America, either directly or indirectly. I inclose a copy and translation of this circular.

On his first reception day I inquired of Mr. Tricoupis whether the Government had any additional reasons for prohibiting the importation of hams, &c., from the United States, adding that I thought that the results of the investigations undertaken by the order of our Government had sufficiently proved that there was no danger to be expected from such importations. Mr. Tricoupis said that he was ignorant of the causes which had led to the insertion of the paragraph referred to, as in his capacity of minister of the interior he had simply published a circular prepared by the sanitary authorities of his department; that if he had noticed the passage he would have inquired, because he remembered that Mr. Botassi, the Greek consul-general at New York, had made a report in which he stated that the reports about disease of swine, &c., in America had been greatly exaggerated. He promised me, therefore, to make further inquiries, and, without binding himself, gave me to understand that if the result of his inquiries proved satisfactory the prohibition would be withdrawn.

I have, &c.,

[Inclosure in No. 8.—Translation.]

circular prohibiting importation of american pork.

The ministry of the interior to the nomarchs and eparchs of the Kingdom and to the bureau of health of Pirœus:

According to the orders which you have already received, cows and buffaloes coming from Russia, Asia Minor, Syria, Egypt, Thrace, Valona, and Rahova in Roumania, on account of the epizoöty raging in those countries, are only allowed to be imported by way of Syra, Corfu, and Piraeus, and after a previous quarantine. With regard to raw cow and buffalo hides of the same origin, their importation is only permitted by Syra and Corfu, and with all the prescribed sanitary precautions, while the importation of other products of these animals, such as bones, intestines, &c., is absolutely forbidden.

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By the present circular we renew to yon these orders, and also those concerning the prohibition to import into Greece hams, sausages, lard, &c., coming directly or indirectly from America, and we order you to see that these orders are strictly executed by the sanitary authorities of your jurisdiction.

On the recommendation of the medical counsel, and in view of the epizoōty existing in Thrace and at Valona, we also forbid the importation of cows and buffaloes coming from any part of Turkey in Europe, by any other way than Syra, Corfu, and PiraBus, and until after a previous quarantine of nine days, including the days of the passage. We also forbid the importation into Greece of raw cow-hides of the same origin, except by way of Syra or Corfu, and after the observance of the sanitary measures per-gcribed by the regulations. The importation of dried and salted cow-hides is not prohibited.

You will communicate the contents of this circular to the sanitary authorities of your jurisdiction.

The minister: