No. 187.
Mr. Frelinghuysen to Mr. Sargent.

No. 100.]

Sir: Your dispatch No. 112, of the 26th ultimo, in relation to the two cases of William Scheibert and the Staarbach brothers, has been received and read with interest.

You have stated the claim of the Scheibert family so fully and at the same time so clearly, that it is unnecessary to repeat the facts in this instruction. Your promptness and diligence in the matter are commendable. The views you express on the subject, and which you sustain by arguments strikingly just and impartial, are in complete accord with those of the Department. The case of the Staarbach brothers dots not differ from that of Scheihert’s in any essential particular, and you were warranted by all the circumstances of these cases in declining to press them further on the attention of the German Government. The case of the Scheibert family does not appear to admit of a doubt as to their resumption of German citizenship.

Your proceedings are approved, and you are instructed to decline any further intervention in relation to either of the cases referred to.

I am, &c.,