No. 91.
Mr. Davis to Mr. Everett.

No. 301.]

Sir: I inclose herewith for your information a copy of a letter from Messrs. William Archdeacon & Co., of Indianapolis, Ind., stating that they have been advised that the German authorities have prohibited the importation of one hundred barrels of pigs’ tongues shipped by them to Altona, Germany, and also that a general prohibition has been issued by the Government of Germany against American pork.

I will thank you to lose no time in calling the attention of the German foreign office to the case of William Archdeacon & Co., with a view to securing for them such relief as the facts may be found to make necessary.

I have furthermore to instruct you to report to this Department at your earliest convenience all the information you may be able to obtain as to any recent action by the German Government in reference to the importation of American pork into Germany; and all the facts which may tend to throw any light upon the subject.

I am, &c.,

Acting Secretary.
[Inclosure in No. 301.]

Messrs. William Archdeacon & Co. to Mr. Frelinglmysen.

Dear Sir: We received an order early in December from Altona, Germany, for 100 barrels of pigs’ tongues, and shipped same early in January. We are now in receipt of a letter from the bank in Hamburg saying “that American pork has been prohibited in Germany,” and our goods will not be allowed to land there.

The shippers and shipping agents from whom we have sought information deny that such is the case, and our goods in the mean time lie there.

If you can give us any information on the subject you will confer a favor on

Yours respectfully,