No. 314.
Mr. Frelinghuysen to Mr. Wallace .

No. 57.]

Sir: Your No. 90, of the 21st ultimo, in further relation to the excessive duty levied upon American alcohol in the port of Smyrna, has been received and read with interest.

I am constrained to ask, however, before the Department can proceed in the sense of your application, that you will cause it to be furnished with proof touching Mr. Alexander Sidi’s citizenship. It is desirable to know whether he is a naturalized or native born citizen, and if the former, where and when did he obtain his papers; the originals or a certified copy thereof he should transmit hither. This request is not made to question the correctness of Mr. Consul Duncan’s statement that Mr. Sidi is an American, but merely that the Department may be fully advised before giving yon positive instructions in his case respecting our treaty rights with the Government of Turkey.

Meanwhile your action is approved.

I am, &c.,