No. 311.
Mr. Frelinghuysen to Mr. Wallace .

No. 52.]

Sir: Your dispatch of the 13th ultimo, No. 71, relative to the demand of the Sublime Porte for a revision of the tariff provisions of the treaty of commerce of 1862 between the United States and Turkey, has been received.

No specific items or particulars are mentioned in your dispatch or in Mr. Assim’s note to you of the 11th of the same month as to what the Turkish Government desires to have embraced in such revision. The Department must, therefore, reserve the expression of any opinion on the subject until more precise information in regard to the nature of the changes desired is obtained.

The question of the termination of the treaty at the end of the twenty-first year, of which the Turkish minister for foreign affairs desires that you should take formal notice, is reserved for consideration until the time mentioned shall have elapsed.

I am, &c.,