No. 185.
Mr. Langston to Mr. Frelinghuysen .

No. 463.]

Sir: I have the honor to advise you that President Salomon still remains at the Cape, making arrests of persons suspected of having been engaged in late contemplated revolutionary movements. The names of forty-three persons to be arrested are announced in Le Moniteur of the 6th instant, in an order published by General T. A. Simon Sam, commandant of the arrondissement of Cape Haytien. Such persons are not to be harbored and concealed, else those harboring and concealing them shall be treated as their accomplices and dealt with accordingly. Fourteen of these persons have already been arrested and are now lodged in prison in this city.

Troops are still being forwarded to the north, where the President seems determined to demonstrate and establish his power. Several regiments left here for such destination by steamer on last Sunday morning, others had preceded them the day before.

But to-day the subject which engrosses the attention of the people of all classes, and which casts a gloom over the capital, filling the entire community with sadness, is the intelligence, which has just arrived, that the government has had executed (shot) twenty-eight of the forty men lately convicted before a military commission, at St. Marc, of certain political offenses. Fourteen were shot at St. Marc, and fourteen at Gonaives. Few, indeed, if any persons were prepared for such action, and the people are awestruck, they are filled with consternation in view of it. What the moral effect of such procedure will be no one can foretell. It seems now, however, that the President is determined to maintain the government, even at the expense, in the manner indicated, of the lives of such rebellious subjects of the country as disturb its peace and defy his authority.

I have, &c.,