No. 163.
Mr. Davis to Mr. West.

With reference to previous correspondence in regard to the incursions of Canadian Indians into this country, and particularly to those portions of your notes of the 3d of May, 1882, and of the 1st of June last, in relation to the alleged improper conduct of American traders in enticing Canadian Indians across the boundary for the purpose of trading with them, and in selling them whisky so that they might be robbed while drunk, I now have the honor to inform you that this government having, upon investigation, discovered that there was some foundation for the complaints in question in the practice of the traders at two American Indian agencies, measures were at once adopted to remedy the evil; and the Secretary of the Interior has accordingly notified all licensed traders at Indian agencies that they must confine their trade to the Indians named in their bonds and licenses, and at once cease all [Page 325] trade with Canadian Indians and half-breeds, and that the license of any trader violating this rule will be promptly revoked.

I have, &c.,

Acting Secretary.