No. 153.
Mr. West to Mr. Frelinghuysen .

Sir: With reference to your note of the 29th ultimo, and to previous correspondence, respecting the incursions of Indians on the northwest frontier, I have the honor to inform you that I have received a telegram from the Marquis of Lorne, stating that Canada will endeavor to prevent her Indians from crossing the border and expects the United States Government to do likewise; that every information will be given to the United States authorities of Indian movements, and that the police force of the Dominion of Canada will afford all assistance.

I have now the honor to call your attention to the report of the Privy Council of Canada forwarded to the State Department in a note from this legation, dated September 26, 1881, from which report you will perceive that the Dominion Government gladly assents to restrain Indians of either country from crossing the frontier, and to this end refers to the course pointed out in the minute of council of the 3d of June last, copy of which was forwarded to your Department in a note under date of the 6th of that month, namely, that concerted action should be had between the two governments. The report of the 16th of September goes on to say that no answer to this suggestion has been received from the United States Government, and that the Canadian Government will most willingly consider any plan which may be suggested to them. I have further the honor to remark to you with reference to the concluding paragraph of your above mentioned note of the 29th ultimo, that the Government of the Dominion can scarcely be now held responsible for the absence of a practical system of co-operation whereby the forces on either side of the line may effectively maintain their respective Indians and restrain their predatory forays.

I have, &c.,