No. 131.
Mr. Frelinghyusen to Mr. Lowell.

No. 431.]

Sir: In acknowledging your No. 393 of July 10, 1882, I am gratified to learn that two of the six alleged American citizens, to whom I invited your attention in my No. 366 of April 25 last, have been released. I regret, however, to learn that the other four are still detained, and that the British Government does not entertain the intention of bringing them to trial. I have again to instruct you to say to Lord Granville that as these prisoners have been so long detained the President hopes that the British Government may now feel justified in instructing the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to exercise the powers intrusted to him by the first section of the act of March 2, 1881, to order an early trial in these cases.

I am, &c.,