No. 748.
Mr. Blaine to Señor Camacho.

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of the 13th instant, in relation further to the apprehended difficulty between the Government of Venezuela and that of France, arising from the nonpayment of the French claims.

I desire to confirm your recollection that in my instruction to the late United States minister to Paris, upon the subject to which you refer, the condition of time of default, “three months,” was stipulated therein, although it appears to have not been mentioned in the brief reference to the terms of that instruction which was made in my note to you of the 3d instant.

The methods of payment and adjustment proposed in your note are a new proof of the sincere intention of the Government of Venezuela to meet its obligations, but until an answer is received from France touching the subject, as explained in my recent instruction to Mr. Noyes, it would seem premature to proceed to their discussion.

Accept sir, &c.,