No. 723.
Mr. Heap to Mr. Blaine.

No. 41.]

Sir: The minister for foreign affairs sent me a communication on the 8th instant in answer to my letter to him on the 6th of May last, protesting against the decree prohibiting the importation of American salted pork, which the Porte had issued in imitation of a similar measure of the French Government.

The minister for foreign affairs states that in the interest of public health, and following in this respect the example of several other European states, notably that of France, where the measure is still maintained, he regrets that the prohibition against the importation of American salted pork cannot be removed.

Mr. Wallace had a conversation on this subject on the 1st instant with the under secretary of state for foreign affairs, and endeavored to convince him of the groundless nature of the alarm occasioned by the sudden action of the French Government in prohibiting the introduction of these meats into France.

I have, &c.,