No. 668.
Mr. Fish to Mr. Evarts.

No. 326.]

Sir: The Gazette de Lausanne of Friday evening contains a notice to the effect that the commune of Gersau, in the canton of Sehwytz, is, owing to the scarcity of work, compelled to assist its citizens to emigrate, and that it has voted a subsidy of 250 francs to those over eighteen years who emigrate, and 100 francs to their children over ten, and 30 francs to those under ten years of age.

The Bund of this morning contains a similar statement. I inclose copies of both of these notices, with translations thereof herewith.

I have instructed Consul Byers to inquire and report concerning the action of the authorities of Gersau.

I have, &c.,

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[Inclosure in No. 326.—Translation.]

Extract from Der Bund, Berne, January 10, 1881.

Schwytz.—The citizens of Gersau appear inclined to solve the social question through a possible assistance to emigration. The commune recently adopted a resolution to furnish every citizen who would emigrate, who had attained his eighteenth year, 250 francs for his journey; citizens from ten to eighteen years receive 100 francs; for children under ten years of age an allowance of 30 francs is reckoned.