No. 635.
The Czar to the President.


Mr. President, Great and Good Friend: Called to ascend the throne of my ancestors in consequence of a painful catastrophe, I fulfill a duty in expressing to you my profound gratitude for the testimonies of sympathy which have been given to me by yourself, as well as by the Senate and the American people in the cruel misfortune which has stricken me, with the whole Russian nation. It is under grave circumstances that those national sentiments are manifested which unite peoples, and which are consolidated by being affirmed with this warmth and unanimity.

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Neither I nor Russia will forget the marks of sympathy from the American nation. The friendship which unites the two governments and the two countries is a sacred heritage left to me by my beloved father, which it will be my liveliest desire to cultivate and to strengthen for the good of the two peoples; and I am glad to know that I can count upon your co-operation to this end.

I seize upon this occasion to offer to you the assurances of the high consideration with which I am,

Your good friend,