No. 618.
Mr. Foster to Mr. Blaine.

No. 101.]

Sir: On Saturday, the 19th instant, the body of the late Emperor was transferred from the Winter Palace to the cathedrals of St. Peter and Paul; and on yesterday, Sunday the 27th, the final funeral service was performed and the body deposited in the tomb prepared for it in this cathedral.

Upon invitation of the grand master of ceremonies, extended to the diplomatic corps, I attended both of these ceremonies, accompanied by the secretary of legation and members of my family.

The transfer of the body on the 19th was made with grand pomp, and the final ceremony on yesterday was attended by the special representatives of all the crowned heads and governments of Europe, in addition to the usual diplomatic representation, among whom were the Prince of Wales and Duke of Edinburgh, the Crown Princes of Germany, Denmark, Holland, and other kingdoms, as also members of the official household of the President of France.

Under date of yesterday the Emperor has issued an ukase, designating his elder brother, the Grand Duke Vladimir, as regent in case of his death before the Czarevitch or the Emperor’s second son shall have attained, their majority.

I am, &c.,