No. 525.
Mr. Evarts to Mr. Christiancy.

No. 123.]

Sir: I have this moment received from Mr. Garcia, the Peruvian chargé d’affaires in the United States, the following telegraphic dispatch, which came by the way of Jamaica:

After two desperate battles, we have evacuated Lima and Callao, to remove pretexts for outrages by the enemy.

[Page 863]

The government has retreated to the interior, determined to resist to the last extremity, hut without refusing to treat upon bearable (tolerable) bases.

Mr. Christiancy has no instructions.

Arbitration by foreign neutral powers would be the best and most efficacious.


The Chilian minister informed me to-day that he has no information whatever but the public, announcement of the occupation of Lima. I am also without any dispatch or telegram from yourself or Mr. Osborn, giving me any information of the recent important results of the war, such as have been publicly reported. Under these circumstances, and in view of the telegram above quoted, I find it necessary to desire you to press upon the Government of Peru, and on such Chilian authorities as you may have access to, the earnest desire of this government to bring about a peace without unnecessary delay and upon reasonable and honorable terms, compatible with the true welfare of all the belligerents, and so as to be lasting.

You will urge the desire of this government with that pressure which appears to you admissible under all the circumstances, and proper to the gravity of the occasion.

I am, &c.,