No. 463.
Mr. Blaine to Mr. Morgan.

No. 156.]

Sir: I forward herewith for your information a copy of a petition addressed to the Hon. S. B. Maxey, a Senator of the United States from [Page 779]Texas, by whom it has been referred to this Department, in which the petitioners, American citizens residents of that State, set forth that certain persons living in the United States and Mexico are exerting what influence they possess to have the “zona libre” of Mexico extended so as to embrace within its limits El Paso, Mexico.

The petitioners clearly indicate the injuries which are naturally to be apprehended in case of the extension of the “zona libre,” and which point to interests of national, state, and private importance, likely to be seriously affected thereby.

You will, therefore, take such steps as you properly can, in bringing these facts to the knowledge of the Mexican Government, as will prevent, if possible, the extension feared. Your proceedings in this regard should be discreet, however, and you are requested to report your action to the Department for its information.

I am, &c.,

[Inclosure in No. 156.]

Citizens of Texas to Senator Maxey.

Honorable Sir: Having been credibly informed that certain persons engaged in merchandising and trading on this frontier, some living in the United States and some living in Mexico, are using every effort and influence they can command to have the “zona libre” of Mexico extended so as to include El Paso, Mexico, therefore we, citizens of the United States and Texas, respectfully petition your excellency to use your influence and authority in the name of the State, to prevent El Paso, Mexico, being made a point in the said “zona libre” for the following reasons:

  • First. It would cause, if not compel, merchants doing business at El Paso, Texas, to remove all their goods, wares, and merchandise from El Paso, Texas, to El Paso, Mexico, which would decrease the taxable personal property now in Texas to nothing comparatively; would destroy the values of real estate in El Paso, Texas, and would also injure the town of El Paso, Texas, as a railroad, commercial, and business center, dwarf our commerce, and well-nigh ruin our merchants, if they chose to remain after the said “zona libre” had been established at El Paso, Mexico.
  • Secondly. It would increase smuggling from Mexico into the United States, particularly of cattle, cigars, tobacco, and liquors, and other articles of commerce, of exchange, and trade, thus injuring, if not almost destroying, the business of merchandising and trading at El Paso, Texas.
  • Thirdly. It is hostile in interest to the United States and Texas.

We therefore respectfully request your excellency to take such steps to prevent this extension of the “zona libre” proposed, as will save us from loss and unjust discrimination.

With great respect, your most obedient servants,

  • M. S. HILLS,
    Agent Cambell’s Addition to El Paso, Tex.
  • C. Q. STANTON.
  • J. R. CURRIE.
  • C. R. MUSHER,
    President State National Bank.
    Representative. 79 th District State Legislature.
    Attorney at Law, El Paso, Tex.
  • J. A. BUCKLER,
    Attorney at Law.
  • T. A. FALNEY,
    Judge Twentieth Judicial District of Texas.
    Acting Mayor El Paso, Tex.