No. 446.
Mr. Morgan to Mr. Evarts.

No. 144.]

Sir: Complying with your instructions contained in dispatch No. 80, I addressed a note to the secretary for foreign relations on the 23d instant, a copy of which I inclose.

I now transmit translation of note this day received by me from Mr. Mariscal, from which you will perceive that Felipe Burnato, Santos Hernandez, Miguel Guerrero, and Manuel Guerrero, mentioned in your dispatch No. 71, were dismissed from the Mexican army in July of this year, and that Guadalupe George (not George Cino, as the name was transmitted in your No. 71) deserted therefrom in October last.

[Page 754]

I reserve pressing the question of compensation for their illegal impressment and detention until I shall receive further instructions from you.

I am, sir,

[Inclosure 1 in No. 144.]

Mr. Morgan to Señor Mariscal.

Sir: Referring to my notes to Mr. Fernandez of the 27th October and 5th November, respectively, I am again instructed by my government to press upon your excellency’s government the speedy discharge of the American citizens who have been, as my government has been informed, impressed into the military service of Mexico, and who are now said to be actually serving in the thirty-first batallion of the army.

In calling your excellency’s attention to this important matter, I ask of the Government of Mexico to bear in mind that during the existence of the late civil war in the United States the Mexican Government applied to the Government of the United States for protection to Mexicans resident in various States against demands of the local recruiting officers of the United States upon these Mexican citizens to serve in the armies of the American Republic. In all such cases the Department of State brought the subject at once to the attention of the Secretary of War, and no single instance is met with in which the Mexican citizen’s claim to exemption from military service in the armies of the United States was not promptly recognized and respected by that government.

I renew to your excellency the assurances of my distinguished consideration.

[Inclosure 2 in. No. 144.—Translation.]

Señor Mariscal to Mr. Morgan.

Sir: Referring to your excellency’s letters of the 23d instant, of the 27th of October, and of the 5th of last month, I have the honor to inform you that according to the statements forwarded to this office by the Secretary of War, Felipe Burnato, Santos Hernandez, Miguel Guerrero, and Manuel Guerrero were discharged from the month of July last.

As concerns Guadalupe George (not George Cino, as the name was transmitted to your excellency), he deserted in October last, possibly before the receipt in this department of your first letter.

I renew to your excellency the assurance of my most distinguished consideration.