No. 440.
Mr. Morgan to Mr. Evarts.

No. 125.]

Sir: Referring to your dispatch No. 71, received by me this day, I now inclose copy of my note to the Mexican Government, from which you will observe that your instructions have been complied with.

I am, &c.

[Inclosure in No. 125.]

Mr. Morgan to Mr. Fernandez.

Sir: My government is informed that the following named citizens of the United States, residents of Texas, viz, Filipe Burnato, Santos Hernandez, Miguel Guerrero, Manuel Guerrero, and George Cimo, have been impressed as soldiers in the Mexican army, and form a portion of the thirty-first battalion thereof.

I am instructed to demand of the Mexican Government the instant release of these men, and their being sent unmolested to their homes in Texas, or allowed to proceed, likewise without molestation, to any point in Mexico where they may have business or may desire to go, as well as that a reasonable pecuniary indemnity for the detention, annoyance, and inconvenience to which they have been thus unwarrantably subjected.

I am likewise instructed to urge upon the Mexican Government the apparent necessity of the adoption, in the interest of international peace, friendship, and good neighborhood, of such measures, and the immediate issuance of such orders to its civil and military officers on the frontier, as will prevent occurrences of a like nature in the future.

I renew to your honor the assurances of my distinguished consideration.