No. 429.
Mr. Smyth to Mr. Evarts.

No. 94.]

Sir: Through a note from the secretary of state of Liberia, received this day, I am informed of the death of a distinguished Liberian patriot, late Vice-President of Liberia, Hon. Daniel B. Warner.

Mr. Warner died on the evening of November 30 at his residence in this city from disease of the heart.

He was born in Maryland, United States, and grew up in Liberia, having lived here more than fifty years, and being in the sixty-sixth year of his age at the time of his death. By reason of his great natural endowments, he succeeded in educating himself, and was essentially a self-made man. As ship-carpenter, sailor, merchant, and statesman he honored himself, his country, and his race.

He occupied, at different periods of his life, with distinction, nearly [Page 733] every important office in the state, from that of member of the House of Representatives to the Presidency of the Republic. His integrity, in no calling of his eventful life, was ever questioned. His loss is a national one. He was loved, respected, honored, and distinguished by his fellow-citizens. He belongs to that class of great negroes who used their gift in the elevation of their race. In Africa he may properly be placed with Crowther, Horton, Gary, and Benson; in our own country with Ward, Douglass, and Garnett.

I have, &c.,