No. 403.
Mr. Langston to Mr. Blaine .

No. 372.]

Sir: I have the honor to advise the Department that President Salomon is still absent from the capital; is reported that he is at present at Cape Haytien. His receptions have been throughout his tour so far remarkably enthusiastic, and, if what is said in this regard be true, he is the most popular and may prove to be the ablest and most efficient chief magistrate that this country has possessed.

On the 18th instant, honorable Charles Laforestrie, the secretary of state of finance, commerce, and foreign relations, for more than a year absent at Paris upon a mission connected with the establishment of the proposed National Bank of Hayti, returned to this city, and on the 21st instant Count de Montferrand, of Paris, who is said to represent those who are to furnish the capital of the national bank, and to supervise its organization, arrived in this city by steamship from New York. In view of the action already taken by government with regard to the establishment of the bank, the return of Mr. Laforestrie, and the arrival of Mr. de Montferrand, both announcing that arrangements to this end have been accomplished, the Haytian public expect to see this institution very soon put in actual working condition in this capital and chief commercial city of the republic.

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There was probably never a better time for launching such institution here than now. The country is at peace, the people are expecting and hoping for the bank, they seem to have unusual confidence in the present administration, and there is certainly at this time a general need felt that any institution which will bring a sufficient circulating medium to the country, and organize its fiscal affairs upon an honest and wise basis, will prove beneficial indeed to the entire republic.

I am, &c.,