No. 394.
Mr. Comly to Mr. Blaine .

No. 162.]

Sir: The continued prevalence of the small-pox epidemic has brought a number of cases of distressed Americans before this legation, with which it does not seem necessary to trouble the Department in detail. The prompt action of the diplomatic body in securing concessions on behalf of our countrymen at the very outset of the stringent quarantine (vide my dispatch No. 153) has given great comfort to our countrymen of each nationality respectively. None of us have been without appeals from our countrymen where these concessions have been of great value in their behalf. The government has in every case, so far, complied with my requests, and is, I believe, doing everything in its power [Page 622] to adhere to our agreement in the rigid and necessarily arbitrary exercise of its quarantine powers.

The percentage of deaths has been large—about 33 per centum of all the cases up to last report having terminated fatally.

It was hoped last week that the board of health had accomplished the control of the disease, but Saturday (12th) there were fifty-seven new cases reported in this small community—so I am informed by the deputy attorney-general. The embargo continues upon intercourse between the islands, and business is almost at a stand-still.

I have, &c.,