No. 224.
Mr. Blaine to Mr. Noyes.


Your course respecting pork decree of French Government approved. Statements of Crump, acting British consul at Philadelphia, have occasioned [Page 404]excitement and widespread comment here, leading to correspondence with British legation and boards of trade.

Hog cholera is confounded with trichinosis, which is an entirely distinct disease. But representations regarding hog cholera are very greatly exaggerated. Most searching investigation fails to show the basis for published statements. The mortality among very young swine from cholera has been less this year than for several years past, and the condition of full-grown hogs, which are alone used for packing and export, is this year exceptionally good. British representative at Philadelphia has apparently been misled by designing speculators to great injury of legitimate trade.

Deny in strongest terms report of British consul, should French ministers appeal to it as justifying them in interdicting or restricting American pork trade.

Instructions follow.