No. 22.
Mr. Evarts to Mr. Kasson.

No. 210.]

Sir: Mr. Delaplaine’s No. 392, relative to a recently promulgated law on the subject of Hungarian citizenship is received.

The notification, a copy of which accompanies his dispatch, and which, as he states, has been suggested by Mr. Sterne, consul of the United States at Buda-Pesth, appears to be a timely precaution calculated to subserve the convenience of citizens of the United States residing or sojourning in Hungary; and although, in view of the provisions of the Hungarian law referred to, the observance of such a formality may not be indispensable to the security and enjoyment of their treaty rights, it furnishes the most convenient mode of making the status and intentions of the parties public, and is therefore approved.

I am, &c.,