Mr. Evarts to Mr. Trescot .

Sir: You will receive herewith a copy of a memorandum indicating the subject and scope of a conference between the Colombian minister and myself in relation to certain projects of treaty which have been considered by us. You are already advised of the general situation of the subject as hitherto treated between this government and that of Colombia.

You will proceed to New York, and in an interview with the Colombian minister, who has been advised of your coming, you will, guided by this memorandum, submit to him the views of this Department.

Should the result of your conference be an indication on his part of his authority and readiness to conclude a treaty upon the modifications suggested, you will inform him that I am prepared to renew our conferences upon that basis in the expectation of a conclusive arrangement. But if, as is more probable, you find that he considers himself only authorized to refer to his government the views entertained between you, your object will be by free and frank consultation to ascertain how far his opinions and those expressed by me in the memorandum, promise the possibility of an accord, upon the subjects embraced, which will justify positive instructions in that sense to the United States minister at Bogotá.

You will bring or forward a report of your interview in the shape of a précis of the conversation between you.

It is hoped that such a report can reach this Department in time for the next mail to Panama. But if you find this impossible, you will inclose a copy of such report in the letter addressed to Mr. Dichman, which is sent you with this, and mail the letter and inclosure so as to secure its transmission from New York by the mail which leaves immediately after your interview with the Colombian minister.

I am, sir, your obedient servant,