No. 203.
Mr. Dichman to Mr. Blaine.

No. 273.]

Sir: Señor José Antonio Soffia, envoy extraordinary and minister [Page 355] plenipotentiary of the Republic of Chili, was received in his official character by the President of Colombia on the 4th day of this month.

A certain amount of interest attaches to the mission of Señor Soffia on account of the questions pending between his government and that of Colombia, growing out of the alleged violation of neutrality by Colombia at the port of Panama in the war between Chili and the allied republics of Peru and Bolivia. It was thought here that the manner of adjusting these questions had been determined by the arbitration convention between Chili and Colombia, reported in my No. 205 of the 7th of last September, and that in the era of good feeling which was expected to follow the negotiation of that convention, the Government of Chili might even overlook its cause of complaint and not press for a settlement, but now it is learned that the Chilian Congress has adjourned without giving to the arbitration convention its legislative approval, and it appears as though the Government of Chili would prefer to adjust the pending differences with Colombia before giving its adhesion to the general application of the principle of international arbitration between the two countries.

I am, &c.,