No. 19.
Mr. Delaplaine to Mr. Evarts.

No. 392.]

Sir: I have received from the United States consul at Buda-Pesth a note inclosing clipping from the Pester Lloyd, published in that city, which I herewith append. It is a notification to British subjects resident in Hungary and the territories belonging thereto from Her Britannic Majesty’s consul-general at Buda-Pesth, wherein is suggested the entry of their names in a register at his office, in order to avoid difficulties which might arise in establishing their nationality.

Mr. Sterne informed me that the Swiss consul had published a similar notice to his countrymen, and asked whether a like action on his part would be advisable.

Not having received a reply from the Department to my No. 377, on the subject of the law relative to Hungarian citizenship, and in view of the brief interval before the law in question would come into force, it appeared to me that a similar notification might be expedient and to the interest of American citizens in that country. Upon consultation with Consul-General Weaver on the subject, he expressed full concurrence with my opinion, and I accordingly communicated the same to Mr. Sterne, at Buda-Pesth.

I have, &c.,

[Inclosure in No. 392.]

notice to british subjects.

The undersigned, Her Britannic Majesty’s consul-general for Hungary, desires to draw the attention of British subjects resident in Hungary and the territories belonging thereto to paragraph 48 of Law L of December 24, 1879, which prescribes that—

“Whosoever shall have resided in Hungary, or the territories belonging thereto, at the time the present law came into force, (namely, the 24th of December, 1879,) for a period of at least five consecutive years, although at different places, and whose name has been entered in the register of tax-payers in any parish within the said dominions, shall be deemed to be a Hungarian subject, unless he shall prove within one year from the date above referred to (the 24th of December, 1879) to the magistrate of the place in which he resides, that he has retained his foreign nationality.”

Under these circumstances, and in order to obviate difficulties which might arise to subjects of Her Britannic Majesty in establishing their nationality, the undersigned suggests the advisability of British subjects resident in Hungary having their names entered in a register kept for that purpose at Her Britannic Majesty’s consulate-general at Buda-Pesth.

Her Britannic Majesty’s Consul-General.