No. 17.
Mr. Evarts to Mr. Delaplaine .

No. 199.]

Sir: Your dispatch No. 377, of the 26th ultimo, inclosing a translation and a copy of the Hungarian law of 1879 on naturalization, has been received.

The view expressed to you by the chief of the judicial section of the foreign office as to the applicability of the exceptions of article 47 of that law to our citizens, native and naturalized, resident in Hungary, is believed to be the correct and true interpretation of that article; and inasmuch as this may be assumed as the proper construction of the article, [Page 27] it is not deemed advisable at present, and in the absence of an actual, practical question, to interrogate the imperial and royal government on that point. Your care and prudence in submitting the suggestion, however, is commendable.

I am, &c.,