No. 110.
Mr. Blaine to Mr. Trescot .

No. 3.]

Sir: It is not impossible that before the close of the special mission, instructions for which have been already furnished you, it may be [Page 151] deemed advisable that at its close you should return to the United States by way of the Argentine Confederation and Brazil.

Positive instructions may be sent you to this effect before your mission closes, but at present, my purpose is to advise you of such possible contingency, and to add that if at the close of the special mission you should decide that a return home by the way of Buenos Ayres and Rio de Janeiro was advisable, you are hereby authorized without waiting for such instructions to return home by that way.

Should you do so, you will in your communications with the representatives of the Governments of Brazil and the Argentine Confederation impress upon them the advantages which would result from a full and frank conference between all the republics of North and South America. By the time you can reach these points the opinions of this government on this subject will have been formally submitted to them, and you will have the opportunity to enforce these views and to direct their attention to the importance of the proposed congress.

If you will telegraph the probable time of your arrival at Buenos Ayres, a vessel of the United States will meet you at that place.

I am, sir, &c.,