(M. 3290.)
Messrs. Flinn, Main & Montgomery to Board of Trade.

Dear Sir: In reply to your communication respecting a system of sound-signals, we have to reply as follows:

  • Query No. 1. The American system undoubtedly conduces to safety.
  • 2. It is easy of application.
  • 3. It should be adopted in British waters.
  • 4. The system propounded is very good.
  • 5. –––.
  • 6. The sound-signals would be of great advantage in foggy, thick, and snowy weather, and might be, probably, extended with advantage to narrow channels in all weathers. One of our captains thinks all the rules in the draft should be compulsory; it is probably better as it stands.

Captain Mellin, of steamship Memphis, states that the American steam-whistle, having one whistle within another, and giving a treble sound, is the best. It is also inexpensive.

Yours, &c.,


The Assistant Secretary
Marine Department, Board of Trade.