No. 90.
Mr. Schlözer to Mr. Fish.

Sir: The Emperor of Germany has directed to His Excellency the President a letter of congratulation for the 4th of July, and I have been requested by His Majesty to transmit this letter personally on the 4th of July.

I therefore take the liberty to beg you, respectfully, to inform me whether the President will accord me the honor to receive me that day for the purpose which I have indicated.

Accept, &c.,

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The Emperor William to the President.

William, by grace of God Emperor of Germany, King of Prussia, &c., to the President of the United States of America:

Great and Good Friend: It has been vouchsafed to you to celebrate the Centennial festival of the day upon which the great republic over which you preside entered the rank of independent nations. The purposes of its founders have, by a wise application of the teachings of the history of the foundation of nations and with insight into the distant future, been realized by a development without a parallel. To congratulate you and the American people upon the occasion affords me so much the greater pleasure, because, since the treaty of friendship which my ancestor, of glorious memory, King Frederic II, who now rests with God, concluded with the United States, undisturbed friendship has continually existed between Germany and America, and has been developed and strengthened by the ever-increasing importance of their mutual relations, and by an intercourse becoming more and more fruitful in every domain of commerce and science. That the welfare of the United States and the friendship of the two countries may continue to increase, is my sincere desire and confident hope.

Accept the renewed assurance of my unqualified esteem.