No. 71.
Mr. Fish to Mr. Hitt.

No. 818.]

Sir: A letter has been received by the President from the members of the central committee of the Universal Israelite Alliance of Paris, conveying the congratulations of that society on the occasion of the Centennial Celebration.

You are authorized to express to the committee, through Mr. Crémieux, its chairman, the sincere thanks of the President for the sentiments of sympathy and good-will which that communication contains, and to assure them that the President learns with much satisfaction that the progress and prosperity of the Israelites in the United States are recognized as a proof of the religious liberty and political equality which they have enjoyed; and he further cherishes the hope that during the second century of this country’s history similar liberty and equality, with their attendant blessings, will be the portion of that sect throughout the world.

I am, &c.,