No. 70.
The central committee of the. Universal Israelite Alliance to the President.


Mr. President: The United States are about to celebrate the centennial anniversary of their independence by a grand and magnificent festival, which unites all nations in the same sentiment of universal sympathy.

In this celebration the Universal Israelite Alliance requests that it may take part. Established for the support and elevation of the Israelites in the countries where they are still subjected to a persecution which our age cannot comprehend, the alliance casts upon your country looks full of the liveliest gratitude.

It especially behooves us to recall with gladness that, first of all nations, yours has proclaimed, without distinction of sect, the grand principles of religious liberty. As long as a century ago, while the countries of Europe subjected the Israelites to “laws of exception,” America invited them as brothers to the equality of political and civil rights.

Under the protection of such laws we see them in that generous country rapidly increasing, erecting large places of worship and grand institutions for the purposes of charity and instruction.

Besides those born under your skies, the Israelites of our countries who have crossed the ocean have received at your hands this emancipation and have had their share of this great blessing; and in how many instances, by their international policy, by their management and the choice of their diplomatic agents, has not the United States given to European Israelites the striking proof of their sympathy.

President of the Republic of the United States, permit the central committee of the Universal Israelite Alliance to express to you, to Congress, and to the whole American people their good wishes for the prosperity of the great Union which during the century of its existence has conquered for itself so noble a place in contemporaneous history.

Your flag carries the stars, which in our sacred literature are the symbols of divine benediction. With this auspicious emblem marching before you, may this divine benediction shed its rays over your beautiful Republic with increasing brilliancy during centuries of peace, useful works, and good-will among men and fraternity among nations.

For the members of the central committee of the Universal Israelite Alliance.

The President,

AD. CRÉMIEUX, Senator.

Signed by Mr. Isidor, grand rabbi of France, honorary president; M. Ad. Crémieux, senator, president; M. Derenbourg, member of the French Institute, vice-president; Mr. S. H. Goldschmidt, vice-president; Mr. N. Leven, counsellor of the court of appeals, secretary; and others.