No. 216.
Mr. Foster to Mr. Fish.

No. 411.]

Sir: Within the past week the military operations have all resulted! favorably for the government.

On the 19th instant an important engagement occurred between the insurgents and federal troops at Tepeapulco, in the State of Hidalgo, in which the former were defeated and one of their most active generals, Rodriguez Bocardo, was killed.

Under date of the 19th instant, General Escobedo telegraphed the minister of war that Matamoras had been abandoned by the forces of General Porfirio Diaz, and on the 20th instant General Fuero reported an engagement with Diaz and other insurgent chiefs, with a complete defeat of the latter. These engagements on the northern frontier satisfy the government that the threatened danger in that quarter has entirely disappeared.

On the 23d instant Cuernavaca, the capital of the State of Morelos, was attacked by a considerable force of revolutionists, and it was repulsed and driven to the mountains. The State of Vera Cruz, which was a short time ago, in greater part, in possession of the insurgents, is now mainly occupied by the government troops, including the capital, Jalapa. Railroad communication between this city and Vera Cruz has been restored.

These events have greatly encouraged the government and strengthened its adherents, who claim for it an early triumph over the revolution.

I am, &c.,