No. 215.
Mr. Foster to Mr. Fish.

No. 409.]

Sir: General Cortina, who has been a prisoner on parole in this city for some months past, has recently escaped and joined the revolutionists. In the present disturbed state of the country, it is to be feared that he may return to the Rio Grande frontier and again become a source of annoyance to the Texas border.

I inclose a copy and translation of his pronunciamiento, dated at a village within five miles of this city.

I am, &c.,


Cortina’s pronunciamiento.

gen. john n. cortina to the nation.

Fellow-citizens: Ten months ago the despotic government of D. Sebastian Lerdo de Tejada tore me from my home, where I lived quietly at the side of my family, availing itself, for this purpose, of mean and miserable calumnies, which, desiring to give a varnish of legality to an act really unauthorized by law, the government itself put in circulation. Six months I was in prison in the capital of the republic, pending the investigations which were being instituted, and from which the government could not do less than desist, convinced of the fruitless result of its perverse machinations.

The trial being abandoned, I was taken out of prison, the minister of war ordering me to remain in the capital, where I spent three months more, subject to an excessive surveillance from the police, and with the restriction that I should not go even a league from the city.

This unjustifiable excess of arbitrary acts exercised against me had no other origin than the caprice of the government, which, knowing my integrity, understood that it could at no time rely upon me to make me its accomplice in the efforts for the re-election [Page 403] to which it aspires with entire disregard of the unanimous will of the people, who reject it.

Now that I have succeeded in freeing myself from the clutches of the tyrant and in regaining my liberty, I earnestly protest before the nation against the outrages committed upon my person by the arbitrary government of Sebastian Lerdo de Tejada, and I assure you also that I will be, as ever, the defender of the guarantees which the constitution of ’57 concedes to the people, and which the plan of Tuxtepec, proclaimed by the well-merited citizen Gen. Porfirio Diaz, seeks to make effective, which plan I accept and second in all its parts, and will defend at all cost.

I invite, in the name of the public liberties, all Mexicans who love their institutions, and who in other times have fought with me in defense of liberty, to rally around the flag which is unfurled by the well-merited General Porfirio Diaz, because it is the symbol of the constitution of ’57, under whose shade alone can be given to the people of Mexico a truly republican government.

Viva la constitucion de ’57! Viva el Cuidadano General Porfirio Diaz, su defensor

Free suffrage and the constitution.