No. 375.
Mr. Bingham to Mr. Fish.

No. 183.]

Sir: Referring to my dispatch of date 29th January last, (No. 179,)* in relation to the address of his excellency Okuma Shigenobu, sanji to His Majesty the Tenno, and to the demand made by the foreign representatives for the correction thereof, I have the honor to say that his excellency Mr. Okuma has made the correction as requested, by a publication in the official journal in which his original address appeared, to wit, the Tokio Nichi-Nichi Shimbun, (the Tokio Daily News,) under date the 3d instant, a translation of which, as published in the Japan Weekly Mail of date February 6,1875, I herewith inclose.

I am, &c.,

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[Inclosure in No. 183.—Translation.]

Mr. Okuma’s correction of his address to His Majesty the Tenno, as published in the Japan Weekly Mail of February 6, 1875, and in the Japan Daily Herald of February 8, 1875.

Translation from the Japan Mail.

From the Tokio Nichi-Nichi Shimbun, February 3.

My address to the Throne of the 4th instant contains the following passage:

“After our troops had started, and were on their way, foreign public servants* remonstrated,”

Your excellency having asked for an explanation of this passage, on the demand the foreign representatives, it becomes necessary that I should state that the foreign representatives did not remonstrate against the dispatch of Japanese troops to Formosa, but some of them, stating that their treaty relations with China obliged them to take this course, protested against the employment by Japan, in the Formosan expedition, of their ships and subjects or citizens, until it was known whether such employment would or would not be regarded in a hostile light by China.

I humbly make this representation.


To His Excellency Sanjo,
Daijo Daijin.

  1. Ante.
  2. The term used may also be translated “foreign ministers.”