No. 615.
Mr. Grip to Mr. Fish.

Mr. Secretary of State:

With the note which Mr. Cadwalader did me the honor to address to me, under date of the 14th ultimo, he was pleased to inclose a form of the certificates of registry which are in use in the United States, expressing, at the same time, a desire to know whether these certificates would be recognized by the government of Sweden as sufficient to exempt vessels furnished with them from the obligation of being admeasured anew in the ports of Sweden. In reply, I have the honor, by order of my government, to inform you, Mr. Secretary of State, that in the order issued by the general direction of customs, on the 6th of April last, relative to the exemption of the United States vessels from admeasurement, the term “mätbref”—certificat de jaugeage—is considered identical with “certificate of registry,” and that, consequently, vessels of the United States of America being exempted from admeasurement in the ports of Sweden will be considered as being of the capacity stated in their certificates of registry.

Be pleased to accept, &c.,