No. 612.
Mr. Andrews to Mr. Fish.

No. 297.]

Sir: Sweden and Norway are every year making some progress in popular education. The appropriations for this object in Sweden for the year 1876 amount to 4,787,993 kronor, being an increase of 630,039 kronor over those for the year 1875. Of this sum 30,000 kronor are in aid of already existing private high schools for girls; and 20,000 kronor for so-called folk high schools, being a very useful sort of school for young adults of both sexes, and for support of which local contributions or tuition must equal what is granted by the state.

Besides the appropriations above mentioned over a million of kronor were appropriated for university and scientific education.

Once our country was, I believe, ahead of all other countries iu popular education; but considering the rapid strides now making in this cause in England, and in which her best statesmen are lending a helping hand, as well as what is being done in some other lands, I am almost afraid that the United States, as a whole, will be left behind in the matter.

I have, &c.