No. 551.
Final report of the naval court of inquiry.

final report.

Finally, the court has the honor to report that the preceding statements comprise all the circumstances and points enumerated in the precept in a manner so full, plain, and comprehensive that all the material facts connected with the sinking of the Virginius are thereby clearly established.

Beyond these material facts it is made apparent by the testimony of the superior officers, including the chief engineer, that zeal in the performance of duty led them to rely too confidently upon the permanence of the existing condition of the hull and the actual working of the machinery exhibited in the passage from Bahia Honda to the Tortugas, and during the first three days out from that port.

The court, however, satisfied that their conduct was becoming and praiseworthy throughout, does not deem any further proceedings in the case necessary.

  • C. H. DAVIS,
    Rear-Admiral and President of the Court.
  • S. B. LUCE,
    Captain United States Navy, Judge-Advocate.