No. 324.
Mr. Bassett to Mr. Fish.

No. 388.]

Sir: Referring to my Nos. 368 and 370, both of the 8th of June last, I have the honor to represent that I have been favored with the reading of a dispatch addressed by the Earl of Derby to my colleague; Major Stuart, the British minister, dated foreign office, June 23, 1875, and numbered 12, in which his lordship distinctly states that he approves of the asylum given by my colleague, Major Stuart, to General Joseph Lamothe, (for the second time,) and to Calice Carrié, in the British legation. His lordship instructs Major Stuart, however, to make arrangements by which the said refugees may quit Haytian territory. “You should, however,” are his lordship’s words to Major Stuart, “endeavor to arrange for their quitting Hayti.”

I am, &c.,