No. 318.
Mr. Bassett to Mr. Fish.

No. 378.]

Sir: Since I wrote my dispatch No. 374 of day before yesterday’s date, I have caused to be well sounded the Haytien authorities as to their disposition in the case of General Boisrond Canal in the light of your instructions, and the result is that I have become almost satisfied that the men who control the President and the policy of this government * * *

are in no way disposed to yield anything of their determination to lay violent hands upon that person, and that my efforts of good-will in the [Page 708] matter seem to me to be almost, if not quite, now brought to an end by their unfortunate disposition and conduct.

The armed men around my premises place me and my household, according to the best judgment of discreet men here, in personal danger, and render my house here one of constant insecurity, annoyance, and anxiety. This state of affairs seems at times alike almost incredible and, as you may readily conceive, unendurable. It is new even in this country. It has been stated to me that special orders are given to the soldiers around ray house to keep up a noisy cry every night, from early evening until the next morning, for the express purpose of annoying me and my household, with the idea of worrying me out, and thus obtaining, by such means, the end had in view as to Boisrond Canal.

* * * * * * *

I am aware how much better it would have been not to have felt authorized or obliged, under whatever circumstances, to incur, in the first instance, any responsibility in the case, and no one can regret more than I do that peculiar circumstances at the moment appeared to leave me no choice as to that first step in this unfortunate affair. But we now find ourselves in the full face of astern actuality, which, it seems to me, ought to .be met in some way alike honorable and consistent with the dignity of our flag. In this view I respectfully renew to you the recommendation made in my No. 366, of the 21st ultimo, for the friendly presence of a national vessel in these waters.

* * * * * * *

I am, &c.,