*No. 14.[15]

Mr. Everett to Mr. Webster.

Sir: * * * * * * *

On arriving at the Foreign Office I was told that Lord Aberdeen wished to see me, and was conducted to his room. He informed me that he wished to read me a copy of a despatch which he had addressed to Mr. Fox, directing him to make known to the President the strong desire of Her Majesty’s government to engage, without delay, in a negotiation for the settlement of the boundary between the two countries on the Pacific Ocean, and his wish that instructions should be sent to me for that purpose. * * * In the conversation which ensued, he dwelt with great earnestness on the danger to the good understanding between the two countries so happily established by the treaty of Washington, to be apprehended from leaving this question in its present unsettled state. * * * *Lord Aberdeen wishes to negotiate on the boundary without delay.


Daniel Webster, Esq., Secretary of State.

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