*No. 9.[11]


Mr. Clay to Mr. Gallatin.

As by the convention of 1818 the forty-ninth parallel of north latitude has been agreed to be the line of boundary between the tertories of the United States and Great Britain, east of the Stony Mountains, there would seem to arise, from that stipulation, a strong consideration for the extension of the line along the same parallel, west of them to the Pacific Ocean. In bringing themselves to consent to this boundary the Government of the United States feel that they are animated by a spirit of concession and compromise [Page 25] which, they persuade themselves, that of Great Britain cannot but recognize, and ought not to hesitate in reciprocating. You are then authorized to propose the annulment of the third article of the convention of 1818, and the extension of the line on the parallel of 49 from the eastern side of the Stony Mountains, where it now terminates, to the Pacific Ocean, as the permanent boundary between the territories of the two powers in that quarter. This is our ultimatum, and you may so announce it. We can consent to no other line more favorable to Great Britain.The parallel of 49° the ultimatum of the United States.