Record of the proceedings of the tribunal of arbitration at the sixth conference held at Geneva, in Switzerland, on the 25th of June, 1872.

The conference was held pursuant to a call by the president, Count Sclopis. All the arbitrators were present.

The United States acquiesce in the decision. Mr. J. C. Bancroft Davis and Lord Tenterden attended the conference as agents of the United States and Her Britannic Majesty, respectively.

Count Sclopis, as president of the tribunal, stated that he had received [Page 21] from Mr. Bancroft Davis the information that he was prepared to communicate to the tribunal the action authorized by his Government respecting the declaration made by the arbitrators at the last conference.

Count Sclopis added that, being desirous of advancing the work of the tribunal, he had, therefore, convoked the conference this day, instead of Wednesday, the day to which the adjournment had been made.

Mr. Bancroft Davis stated as follows:

The declaration made by the tribunal, individually and collectively, respecting the claims presented by the United States for the award of the tribunal for—1st. “The losses in the transfer of the American commercial marine to the British flag;”2d. “The enhanced payments of insurance;” and 3d. “The prolongation of the war and the addition of a large sum to the cost of the war and the suppression of the rebellion,” is accepted by the President of the United States as determinative of their judgment upon the important question of public law involved.

The agent of the United States is authorized to say that, consequently, the above-mentioned claims will not be further insisted upon before the tribunal by the United States, and may be excluded from all consideration in any award that may be made.

Lord Tenterden then said:

I will inform my government of the declaration made by the arbitrators on the 19th instant, and of the statement now made by the agent of the United States, and request their instructions.

The conference was then adjourned to Thursday, the 27th instant, at 11 o’clock in the morning.

  • ALEX. FAVROT, Secretary.