Record of the proceedings of the tribunal of arbitration at the twentieth conference, held at Geneva, in Switzerland, on the 14th of August, 1872.

The conference was held pursuant to adjournment. All the arbitrators and the agents of the two governments were present.

Sallie, Jeff. Davis, Music, and V. H. Joy. The protocol of the last conference was read and approved, and was signed by the president and secretary of the tribunal and the agents of the two governments.

Mr. Bancroft Davis, in reply to an inquiry from Count Sclopis on behalf of the tribunal, stated as follows:

The claims for losses growing out of the acts of the Sallie, the Jeff. Davis, the Music, the Boston, and the V. H. Joy, are respectfully submitted for the determination of the tribunal.

The agent of the United States has no instructions regarding them, except what appears in the list of claims presented on the 15th of December last, and in the revised list of claims presented on the 15th of April last.

The tribunal directed this statement to be recorded, and passed to the consideration of the question of “due diligence,” generally considered.

The conference was adjourned until Thursday, the 15th instant, at half past 12 o’clock.

  • ALEX. FAVROT, Secretary.