Record of the proceedings of the tribunal of arbitration at the fourteenth conference, held at Geneva in Switzerland, on the 25th of July, 1872.

Arguments ordered as to due diligence. Effect of commissions and supplies of coal.
The Alabama.
The conference was held pursuant to adjournment. All the arbitrators and the agents of the two governments were present. The protocol of the last conference was read and approved, and was signed by the president and secretary of the tribunal and the agents of the two governments.

On the proposal of Baron d’Itajuba, as one of the arbitrators, the tribunal decided to require a written or printed statement or argument from the counsel of Great Britain upon the following questions of law:

The question of due diligence, generally considered;
The special question, as to the effect of the commissions of confederate ships of war entering British ports;
The special question, as to supplies of coal in British ports to confederate ships;

With the right to the other party to reply either orally or in writing, as the case may be.

Baron d’Itajuba proposed that when a proposition should be made to the tribunal, the discussion of that proposition should always be put off to the next following conference $ which was agreed to.

The tribunal then proceeded with the case of the Alabama.

The tribunal also decided to consider at the next conference the cases of the Sumter, Nashville, and Chickamauga, successively.

The conference was then adjourned until Monday, the 29th instant, at half past 12 o’clock.

  • ALEX. FAVROT, Secretary.