Case presented on the part of the government of Her Britannic Majesty to the tribunal of arbitration, constituted under Article 1 of the treaty concluded at Washington on the 8th May, 1871, between Her Britannic Majesty and the United States of America.

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The case now presented to the arbitrators on the part of the government of Her Britannic Majesty comprehends a statement of the facts which that government regards as material to a just adjudication on the claims of the United States, and of some general propositions on which it intends to rely, believing them to be in accordance with the principles of international law and the practice of nations.

The Contents of the Case are as follows:

Geneva edition. Present edition.
I. A statement of the matter referred to the arbitrators, as it is understood by Her Britannic Majesty’s government, Part I, pages 1–3 207209
II. An introductory statement of the events which attended and followed the commencement of the civil war in America, and of the course pursued by Great Britain and the other maritime powers in relation to the war, and particularly as to the reception of belligerent vessels of war into their ports and waters, Part II, pages 4–22 211235
III. A further introductory statement on international rights and duties; on the powers which were possessed by Her Britannic Majesty’s government of preventing unlawful equipments; and setting forth the manner and circumstances in and under which these powers were exercised during the war, Part III, pages. 23–50 236271
IV. Considerations proper to be kept in view by the arbitrators in entering oh the cases of the vessels specifically mentioned in the four following parts, V, VI, VII, and VIII, Part IV, pages 51–52 272, 273
V. Statement of facts relative to the Florida, Part V, pages 53–80 274307
VI. Statement of facts relative to the Alabama, Part VI, pages 81–119 308353
VII. Statement of facts relative to the Georgia. Part VII, pages 120–135 354373
VIII. Statement of facts relative to the Shenandoah, Part VIII, pages 136–162 374406
IX. Recapitulation of the material facts stated in the preceding parts, Part IX, pages 163–165 407410
X. Remarks in conclusion, Part X, pages. 166–168 411413

Thr Appendix to the Case consists of four volumes, the Contents of which are as follows:

Vol. I. Correspondence relating to the Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and Shenandoah. (See vol. I, pages 217 to 1002 of this edition.)
Vol. II. Correspondence relating to the Sumter, Nashville, Georgiana, Phantom Southerner, Alexandra, and other vessels respecting which representations were made by the Government of the United States to that of Her Britannic Majesty during the civil war. (See vol. II of this edition.)
Vol. III. Papers relating to the commencement of the civil war; proclamations and regulations issued by the governments of Great Britain and other countries during that war; the neutrality laws of the United States and of Great Britain; judgments delivered by the British Court of Exchequer and by the Supreme Court of the United States; correspondence between the Government of the United States and the governments of Spain and Portugul relative to the fitting out of privateers in the ports of the first-named country; and the report of the royal commission appointed to inquire into the character, working, and effect of the British laws for the enforcement of neutrality. (See vol. III, pages 1 to 395, of this edition.)
Vol. IV. General correspondence on the “Alabama claims,” presented to Parliament. (See vol. III, pages 397 to 965, of this edition.)
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