No. 268.

Mr. Davis to Mr. Jackson.

Sir: It is understood that the government of the Dominion of Canada is prohibiting vessels of the United States from entering ports under its jurisdiction for the purpose of leaving fish in bond, and subsequently reshipping them. It is desirable to be informed whether the practice referred to was not permitted previous to the late reciprocity treaty; also, whether American fishing vessels were admitted to the ports of entry of the British North American provinces for that or any other purpose prior to the date of that treaty; and if any colonial law existed under which this was prohibited, whether any prosecutions for its violation have taken place, and with what result.

It is important that your report upon this subject be made as full, and be received here as soon as convenient for you.

I am, sir, your obedient servant,

J. C. B. DAVIS, Assistant Secretary.

[Same to Mr. Malmros at Pictou, on the same date.]