Mr. Sanford to Mr. Seward,.

No. 482.]

Sir: The Franklin arrived at Flushing yesterday, and Admiral Farragut is expected at Antwerp to-morrow on a steamer sent down by this government to conduct him up the river.

On receiving word from Lisbon of his intended visit, I requseted Mr. Vanderstichelin to inform his Majesty, who had previously expressed to me the pleasure it would give him to receive the admiral, and to-day the grand marshal of the court has called to invite him and twenty-five of his officers to dine with his Majesty on Monday.

The Ticonderoga is expected at Antwerp in two or three days.

I have the honor to be, with great respect, your most obedient servant,


Hon. William H. Seward, Secretary of State, Washington, D. C.