Mr. Seward to SeƱor Salgar.

Sir: Recurring to your note of the 6th instant in relation to the detention of the steamer R. R. Cuyler at New York, I have the honor to inform you that the subject having been referred to the Attorney General, he declares the result of his examination to be that if the Colombian government were now the owners of the vessel and had assumed the responsibility of her voyage to a port of that country, he would advise an order for the delivery of the vessel and the dismissal of the libel which has been filed against her. Understanding that by the terms of the contract of sale Messrs. Sturges & Co. continue to be the owners, and the vessel under their control until delivery at a Colombian port, he is of the opinion that they should enter into the bond required by the 9th section of the neutrality act of April 20, 1818, and that thereupon the libel will be dismissed and the vessel delivered to them to proceed on her voyage.

The action of the government will be in conformity with the advice of the Attorney General.

I avail myself of this occasion to renew to you the assurance of my most distinguished consideration.


General Don Eustorjio Salgar, &c., &c., &c.